Arav's Home Radio

file list playlist (.m3u) direct link direct link (http) bitrate is 192 Kb/s

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Notice: information updates every 45 seconds. But you can update it forcibly.

About the radio

I used MPD to stream music over LAN and I wanted to let it go outside. Then I wanted to know if someone listen to it and I found out about Icecast. Some time later I moved files and some other heavy services out to laptop and found out about Liquidsoap and threw MPD out. Main reason was that MPD eat many CPU time when being work together with Icecast. And Liquidsoap is just superior in task of running radio since it is a whole scripting language with many abilities. And I use just basics. See more on its official website.

Privacy statements

I collect access logs that include access date and time, IP-address, User-Agent, referer URL that tells me where have you came from, request that you sent to me. In addition there are GeoIP information added based on your IP-address that includes country, region, and city.

This website makes use of JavaScript to show you information on a radio and to store current theme using Local Storage API.